Why are there so many Indian CEOs? Here’s Why!

By | 17/07/2022

Cararesep.com – Why are there so many Indian CEOs? Here’s Why! Of course many people wonder why CEOs are so many Indians. Finally, Twitter appointed a CEO born in the country. The same decision was taken by other large companies.

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The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest office holder in the company who is in charge of bringing the company closer to the market segment so that it can develop.
Some multinational companies in Silicon Valley, appointed CEOs from India, which amounted to only 6% of the total workers in the place.

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Leading Companies
Why are CEOs so many Indians

  • 1 ability to adapt to conditions
  • 2 Have Humility
  • 3 good predictive ability
  • 4 Higher Education
  • 5 have an interesting view of time
  • 6 good math skills
  • 7 Appreciate The Difference

Learning from Indian origin

Why are there so many Indian CEOs? Here’s Why!

Leading Companies
Leading a company is one of those jobs that some people want. To achieve such a position, a person must be dedicated to his work.

The CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the highest office holder in the company. As a leader, the CEO has a big task which in general is to bring the company closer to the market segment so that the potential for expansion is higher.

The role of CEO in companies is different. In large companies, it is common for them to decide on large policies, such as the development or research of the company. While in small companies, the work can be more because it is still in the form of a stub.

If you notice, nowadays, some multinational companies appoint CEOs of Indian descent. Why are there so many Indian CEOs?

In the following review, we will equally find out the reasons why CEOs are many Indians. Please pay close attention.

The reason why CEOs are so many Indians
Multinational companies, especially tech companies in Silicon Valley, are busy appointing CEOs from India.

Some of them are Microsoft (Satya Nadella), IBM (Arvind Krishna), Alphabet—parent Google (Sundar Pichai), Adobe (Shantanu Narayen), to the latest is Twitter (Parag Agrawal).

There are, of course, several factors why giant companies choose such people. Remember, their population in America is not up to 5 million people. And of course, not all of them have the conditions to sit in this position.

The number of Indians in America is only 1% of the total population. While the population of workers of Indian descent in Silicon Valley is only 6% of the total workers.

If workers in Silicon Valley number 1 million people, then, accordingly, the Indians working there are only 60 thousand. But, interestingly, they occupy an important position in the company.

This is why many Indian CEOs:

1 ability to adapt to conditions

Everyone, not just India, has the adaptability to continue a decent life. However, the Indians turned out to have such abilities above most people.

In the country, you have to overcome the problems that are often created by the state or unfair society.

Willpower, creativity, and many other things are needed to make change a part of life.

The reason why many Indians CEO is their survival ability. India is one of the countries with the largest population, which is more than 1 billion people.

Of course, these conditions cause high competition. On the other hand, the domestic infrastructure is not yet evenly distributed.

Such conditions force them to accept or change conditions. The people you know as CEOs are just a few of the many Indians who dream of changing things.

One of the points of the change in conditions that we can do is about finances. In addition, as someone who works in a company, it is necessary to manage salaries so that they can meet their daily needs.

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