How to Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos

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Captions On Twitter Video

Twitter now allows users to add auto-generated captions to videos that will be uploaded to the network.

Surely the text is already available on the web, iOs, and also Android automatically from the Twitter application.

The auto-captions can be accessed in 30 languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Arabic and many more.

On the video with the twitter text, you can click the CC button to enable or disable the text.

Because the text can appear automatically, certainly not all social media users want to use it instead.

Even today twitter also turns the Browse page in the application into a short video stylized as Tiktok.

How to Turn Off Captions On Twitter Videos

Each user sends a voice tweet, then the text will be created automatically in various languages as the admin explained above.

When you upload a video, the automatically generated text will appear and be created by default.

However, if you want to disable the automatically generated text then you can see the following method.

  • Disable all auto-generated captions in your videos.
  • Single Video can disable automatically generated text.
  • On one site, disable auto-generated captions for all your videos.

Those are the ways if you want to disable or don’t want to use the auto text.

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